Perfect Lipstick Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

Applying Lipstick

The correct manner of lipstick application involves a few steps that need to be followed one after the other. Spend a few minutes following this procedure and attain the striking lips. It begins with applying moisturizer, lining the lips, filling the lipstick, and in the end putting on the lip gloss.

Lipstick is a forever friend to a woman. The majority of a woman only have lipstick on their mind when it comes to makeup. This means whenever stepping out of the house for work, a party, or get together the only makeup most of the females would apply is lipstick. It is a very significant feature that gives confidence in looking beautiful and attractive. Moreover when it is applied correctly then the beautiful lips turn out to be the expression of overall beauty and personality.

Lip Preparation Technique

Apply a thin base of moisturizer on both lips. If the moisturizer makes the lips very slimy blot it with a tissue. In case the lips are too dry then first apply the lip balm and let it stay as it is for 2 minutes. Later put on the moisturizer.

Lip Liner Application Method

Next, give the outline to the lips with a lip-liner. It is ideal to pick the lip-liner color a little darker than the lipstick shade. If the required shade is not available then use the neutral color. Before outlining the lips, put the lip liner in the refrigerator for a while as it prevents it from breaking while lining the lips. Subsequently, sharpen the liner to free it from bacteria and give a thin precise border to the lips. Start lining the upper lip from one corner to the other tracking the natural lip curve followed by lining the lower lip in the same way. In case the lips are thick, minimize it by lining the lips slightly inside. If the lips are too thin then maximize it by lining the lips a little outside the curve, especially on the edges (near the mouth), and blend it well. In this way, the lips get a well-defined shape. After lining, fill the lips with liner itself since then lipstick stays for a long time.

Lipstick Application Technique

Once the lips are lined, apply the lipstick. It should be applied first on the lower lip and later on the upper lip. Begin filling lipstick with a brush on the bottom lip from the center to one edge then again from the center to the other edge. Similarly apply lipstick on the upper lip as well. Press both lips together once to distribute the lipstick well all over the lips.

Lip Gloss Application

This last step covers applying lip gloss. It is best to pick the natural color lip gloss. Start applying it from the center to the corner first on the upper lip and afterward on the lower lip. Lip gloss provides a shimmering shine to the lips and seals the lipstick color on the lips.

Since a little girl, you always desired to apply lipstick every time you saw your mom doing it. The dream came true when you became a young lady and this was the beginning of everlasting friendship with lipstick. You know, it is important to apply lipstick correctly. This step-by-step procedure of lipstick application assists in attaining eye-catching lips that are the essence of beauty. Do it this way and look gorgeous!