Essential Beauty and Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

Beauty and skin care products for oil

The annoying summer is coming again. The most common skin problem in spring and summer is oiliness. As soon as the face becomes oily, acne will appear immediately, and the pores will become dirtier. The oily face is even more scary. How to deal with annoying oil leakage? Here we introduce to you all the useful skin care products that are often found in beauty stores!

Mentholatum ACNES Medicinal Anti-Acne Moisturizing Lotion 80g

ACNES’ unique anti-acne and antibacterial formula can penetrate deep into the bottom of pores, completely zero oil, and effectively regulate the secretion of the skin. The refreshing texture combined with the aroma of pure plants will prevent you from being overly oily and brighten your skin. It has a sun protection factor of SPF12 and can be used as a base cream daily. It serves two purposes: maintenance and sun protection. Its refreshing and moisturizing ingredients keep you from getting oily all day long.

Avène Refreshing Oil

Avène Refreshing Oil Conditioner 10ml is a completely oil-free formula that can effectively keep the skin fresh and comfortable. It is especially recommended for acne-prone and oily skin. If you have combination skin, it can also be used on the oilier T-zone. It gives people a refreshing watery feeling, which is completely non-burdening. It repairs the skin while maintaining the balance of oil content.

German Chamomile Sensitive Skin Exfoliating Cream 100ml

A German chamomile brand based on natural plants. Its exfoliating cream contains special exfoliating beads, which can easily remove old dead skin cells on the face and neck, gently and gently. It does not harm the skin and contains a mild chamomile formula, which can condition sensitive skin after exfoliation. The particles are quite fine and the feel is smooth and addictive.

Keli Keli

Keli Keli Deep Cleansing Mud Mask 50g contains rich blue oil-absorbing particles, which can fully absorb the dirt and oil in deep pores, effectively clean away annoying blackheads, and is refreshing and stress-free during use. It is added with mint ingredients for summer It is more refreshing to use, making pores truly clean and unobstructed, keeping you clean all summer long.