How to Apply Gradient Eye Shadows for a Stunning Look

Eye Shadows

Three different color shades of eye shadows can be applied together on the eyes to give a special look to the woman. It is important to bring some change in the appearance after a while for oneself and others. This can be done by applying eye shadow using three shades belonging to the same color family on each eye.

Every single day applying one eye shadow could be a little boring. So spice it up by way of applying three shades of eye shadow at the same time on the eyes. This would give a different glance and make the eyes look impressive. It could be done in a few easy steps just make sure to follow the steps in the sequence.

Gradient Eye Shadows

Pick three different shades light, medium, and dark shades from the same color family. For instance choose the brown color shade then light brown, chamois brown, and chocolate brown would be the three required shades. The difference in the color shades must be significant so that it can be noticed. The light shade is applied on the lid, medium on the crease (just below the eyebrows), and dark shade on the lash line (immediately above the upper eyelashes). Prefer all shades in powder form because it merges well and gives a consistent look.

Eye Shadow Base

Prepare the eyes for eye shadow application by putting on the base of any foundation. Liquid foundation is more apt for the eyes. Single out the foundation color shades closest to the skin tone. This base would help the eye shadow to stay in its place for a longer duration and enhance the appearance of its color. Apply very little foundation with the help of a brush and blend it well. In case the foundation is not available then concealer or translucent dusting powder could also be used.

Crease Color Application

Once the base is ready on the eyes, first put the medium color shade of eye shadow on the eyelid crease. Moving the brush back and forth apply it on the crease. Apply it only with a brush. Any type of sponge, finger, or cotton should not be used as it neither applies nor blends well.

Edge Highlighting Technique

Then apply the light shade on the left edge of the right eye and the right edge of the left eye. Put on the lightest of all shades on the edges and on the lid that is below the crease and just about the lash line. Blend it well with medium shade. It must also be applied only with the eye shadow blush.

Lash Line Definition

Last, apply the dark color on the lash line. It should be applied with utmost care and patience because this makeup cosmetic should not go in the eye and must not overshadow the other two shades. It would be easy if this particular shade was applied with the flat eye shadow brush. Finally, blend it well with the rest two eye shadows. It should give an unvarying look.

Mascara Finishing Touch

At last, apply mascara cautiously so that it does not leave a black spot on the eyelid. Black mascara boosts up the eye shadow to a large degree.

This is one technique of putting three shades of eye shadow on the eyes. This combination suits all eyes and highlights the common facial features. Many other techniques show up specific facial characteristics appropriate for special occasions. However, when applying all by yourself and wish to take a break from the mundane one-color eye shadow shade, in that case this is the best modus operandi!