Ways to Elevate Your Dressing

Ways to Get More from Your Dressing

Be a charm like any celebrity with the correct dress. There are 5 ways to get more from your dressing. It comprises dressing following height, selecting the right fabric, choosing the color as per the time, picking up more feminine clothes, and wearing amazing accessories.

Your super stylish wardrobe can make you a star in the crowd. It is not necessary to wear only branded or designer stuff to get that, to-die-for look. It can be attained in simple 5 ways. You have to dress up anyway so why not dress up modish yet elegant when it can be done in 5 simple ways?

Dress up According to Your Height

Always wear a dress that flatters your figure. If you are tall then weight is not a problem as tall women never look plump. For height more than 5’6’’ decide on pale, earthy color bottoms paired with bright-colored t-shirts. Short tops shall also suit very well. If looking for Indian clothes wear salwar suits in contrasting color shades for kurta and salwar. Sari with mixed colors’ shall give the illusion of short height. A large print all over the dress is a good option over the plain dress.

A woman less than 5’3’’ is a short-height woman. Even if she is less in weight she looks plump because of her short height. Clothing for short women must be in the same color from top to bottom. A plain dress with very less small prints gives the impression of long height. Prefer the length of pants or trousers till the ankle instead of short pants and caprice. Bottoms are slightly tight from the thighs and then a little loose from knee to ankle like black bottoms are the right selection.

Decide on Apt Fabric

A tall woman should wear more stretched fluffy fabrics such as organza, cotton, jute, velvet, and spur fabrics. Bottoms with thicker cloth like linen, jeans, and cotton are good choices. Cargo shall certainly make a tall woman look very smart. On the other hand, free-flowing soft fabrics in single tones like chiffon, georgette, polyester, or cotton silk are best for short-height women. She would look tall and slim, in all very attractive to catch hold of other people’s attention.

Pick up the Right Color as per the Time of the Day

During a hot sunny day white and other light colors are best while for evening parties dark shades are apt. When the weather in the daytime is somewhat like the spring season then opt for a royal blue or Kelly green color dress. Keep the bold colors such as all shades of red and blue for night.

Opt for the opposite attire

Select the classic outfits with feminine sensitivity. Wear tops with good necklines and sleeveless tops if your arms are not flabby. For the traditional attire wear a strap blouse with the sari. In the western outfit choose the tops having the creative design on the neck. The cleavage length should be one you are comfortable with, no point in going for deep necks and not being comfortable.

Flash the Any Statement Accessory

Never over-accessorize yourself. It is not a good idea to flaunt everything you have in one go. Wear one eye-catching accessory at a time to draw the attention towards you. Shoes and bags are part of regular dressing. Apart from these two one should wear one or two more accessories like if it is a festive occasion or a wedding do wear beautiful long chandelier earrings. For a casual outing or picnic flash your attire with a long scarf and cool sunglasses.

Every individual will have some extraordinary feature that should be highlighted while dressing up. Take care of these 5 simple points and look like any celebrity. Get into the smart dressing and spice it up!